Mierosoft Home Page
(Coming Very Soon)

801 days since it's last update, Mierosoft has been renovated! This is a one off(unless it is ridiculously popular, as if) so don't expect more updates. Welcome back to the one and only WWW.MIEROSOFT.CO.UK with more content then you can shake a stick at! Well not a stick, but a very small twig. I'm talking smaller than your little finger.

Disclaimer(Please Read): A lot of the new stuff is character orientated around friends and colleagues of mine, you have only been put on here if I think you are cool enough to take a joke about yourself. If something I have written about you genuinely upsets you, I will remove it. As a lot of the stuff is character dependant certain pages may not be funny to those who I have not known for that long, hopefully a lot of it will be!